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Wednesday, August 18, 2010


One of the MANY events at Dragon*Con is a world record attempt. They are trying to get the most people ever photographed all wearing Star Trek uniforms.
Melinda saw this and we HAVE to do it. Joy. I'm excited about it, but this means that there is yet another costume for me to fix. *sigh*
I've always said if I was going to do a Star Trek uniform I'd do the uniform from The Wrath of Khan. I love those uniforms. You can buy some pre-made versions for about $200 each. I could try to sew them, but I don't have time to find the pattern, material, order the pins and insignia and actually sew the things. What to do? that's what. We ordered two Paramount licensed uniform costumes. The quality is OK, but what do you expect for a "costume". It works though. We will be participating in the world record attempt.

My command red shirt (remember this is the next gen, red shirts don't die) and Melinda's science blue.