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Monday, July 19, 2010


Welcome to my blog. I'm creating this to be a sort of work log for some of the redneck geek projects that I have worked, am working, or will work on.

First though, what is a redneck geek and why am I the real redneck geek? The second is the easy part. I wanted the title of just The Redneck Geek, but it was already taken by some tool that made one post back in 2005 and never touched it again. Thanks moron. So, since he wasn't active, I made this The Real Redneck Geek. So, what is a redneck geek. It's really self explanatory. I am a geek and I am a redneck. Simple as that. I work in technology. I love all things technology. I am a huge science fiction fan. Basically most every stereotype of a geek, I fit it. Now being from north east Tennessee, I am also a fully qualified redneck. There is nothing I can't break. There is nothing I can't fix (eventually). There is no such thing as "you can do that with that" in my world. I have been quoted more than once as saying "Hey y'all watch this" and then have it blow up in my face. I typically don't really care how it looks, as long as it works. Duct tape is AWESOME!
If you combine those two elements, you come up with a redneck geek, and often a lot of computer cases with odd amounts of duct tape in them for some reason.

So, that's me. I love finding new ways to make things work. I never actually fail at it either. I just find out what won't work instead. I just look at it as: Give me a roll of duct tape and access to Google, and I'll fix whatever is broken!