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Monday, August 8, 2011

July and August–Dragon*Con Is Near


All right, July sucked.  I am really far behind (feeling it anyway) so I don’t have a lot of step by step pictures, but several done and done pictures or in progress pictures.  Plus as of this writing, Dragon*Con is 24 days away!!!!  Once again my poor time management, and life in general kick me around the block.  So sit back and enjoy…

Eleanor Lamb’s Big Sister Syringe

This one is complete.  I got the arm piece mounted, the gauges and eve tube added.

Eleanor Lambs Syringe - 25Eleanor Lambs Syringe - 26Eleanor Lambs Syringe - 27Eleanor Lambs Syringe - 28Eleanor Lambs Syringe - 30Eleanor Lambs Syringe - 31

Subject Delta Helmet – Repaired and Aged

I hate gravity.  While getting the helmet ready to move into the basement workshop, it fell.  Cracked in several places.  Had to be patched, primed, re-painted, re-sealed with resin, and aged all over again.

Subject Delta Helmet - Damage 1Subject Delta Helmet - Damage 3Subject Delta Helmet - Damage 4Subject Delta Helmet - Damage 5Subject Delta Helmet - Damage 7Subject Delta Helmet - Repair 1Subject Delta Helmet - Repair 2Subject Delta Helmet - Repair 4


Now though, it is finally done.  I aged it as well with some dry brushing to take some of the sparkle off it.

Subject Delta Helmet - Aged 1Subject Delta Helmet - Aged 2Subject Delta Helmet - Aged 3Subject Delta Helmet - Aged 4Subject Delta Helmet - Aged 5


Subject Delta’s Tanks

The original air tanks and pack I made were too heavy and bulky.  Something went off with my scaling on this and the whole thing is huge, but the bulky pack only made it worse.  Plus after the fall, I was worried about the strength of the helmet to hold the weight. New cardboard tanks have been made and mounted.  The tanks still hold all the batteries, speaker, and iPod that the other did. I know they may not be perfect, but they work for me.  The fabric strips are there as a padding and will be cleaned up before much longer.

Health and Eve 1Health and Eve 2New Tanks 1New Tanks 2New Tanks 3

Subject Delta’s Suit and Glove

The jumpsuit/dive suit is nearly complete.  Just a little hand sewing and we’re ready to go.  The one exposed glove is also complete.  This is the glove that the Plasmid powers would be projected through.  I made both gloves, but only completely this one since I will be wearing the drill on the other arm.
Glove 1Glove 3Glove 4Pads 1Pads 2Pads 3Suit 1


Splicer Hooks

I did finish the commission I got for a pair of Splicer hooks, and I must say, I loved these.  They were a bigger challenge than I expected, but it all worked out and I have a very happy customer.

Complete 1Complete 2Detail 3Detail 4

The slick trick with these that I struggled with was finding a way to ship and store them flat.  This is what I came up with.
Hidden Nut 2Unassembled 2

Worked out well I think.

Other costumes

We’re not just going to take Eleanor and Delta to Dragon*Con.  We’ve got at least one other set we will be taking.  Still only two costumes is a low count for Dragon*Con, trust me.

We bounced around with a lot of ideas.  Upgrades to the Destro and Baroness from last year – OUT. Upgrade Baroness and build Cobra Commander – OUT. Rinse, wash, repeat.  We finally decided that to do everything in time for Dragon*Con, they had to be simple costumes with little prop work and minimal sewing.  I can do a lot of sewing in an afternoon, but the more complete we can find the garments to begin with, the better.

Melinda will be going as Alice from Resident Evil: Extinction


She has the shorts, top and boots, just have to make the belts, holsters and knives.  A quick Google search and I found all I needed on the knives and made a set from wood in just an afternoon.

Alice Knife 2Alice Knife 3Alice Knife 5

Still have to stain the handles, but overall, I love these.

I’ll be doing a Sandman from the 1976 movie Logan’s Run. 1


I love this movie and I’ve actually had the Deep Sleep gun prop for a long time, so just need the tunic.  Here is my 2 hour, $8 Sandman tunic.

Deep Sleep 1Deep Sleep 3Sandman Tunic 2


So, July was rough.  We went through a lot.  Personal life, family life, work life, all just seemed to act up on us.  One thing that did come out of July that I would like to draw more attention to is that we did rescue 7 kittens from a dangerous situation and are now trying to adopt them out.  They were in a place where they faced being tortured and killed.  They are now living quite happily in my basement work shop.  Having kittens does both improve my time in the workshop, because, face it, kittens improve everything, but they also slow me down and limit what I can do there.  So, if you are reading this, and want or know someone that wants a kitten, head over to The Romeo Memorial Rescue blog for more information.