Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bioshock Plasmid Ball


In the game Bioshock, you can certain abilities with plasmids.  These can be abilities like throwing fire, electricity, ice, bees, or in some cases a little ball that will hypnotize enemies or even summon Eleanor to help you out of a jam.


As a part of the Subject Delta costume, I decided to make a plasmid ball.  Special thanks to Kaliza over at for giving me the idea to make one of these.

I started out with a dog chew toy.
Plasmid Ball 1

I cut it in half to open it to get the guts in there.  I had a bunch of red LEDs from a failed method to light Subject Delta, so I decided to recycle them into the blue chew toy in the hopes that it would come out more purple for the Summon Eleanor plasmid.

The LEDs were already wired for a 6 volt power supply.  I found two camera batteries that were 3 volts each.  Stacked together and then wrapped with the LEDs.

Plasmid LEDs 1Plasmid LEDs 2

I then wired in a switch so I could turn them on and off as needed and stuffed it all back into the chew toy.  Unfortunately, the switch would not fit in the chew toy, but I can hide it by palming it.

Finished Plasmid 1Finished Plasmid 2

Plasmid LitPlasmid Lit 2

Finally I used some Crayola Air Dry Clay to build up the texture around the plasmid and seal the holes and cut.

Working Plasmid 1Working Plasmid 2


Working Plasmid 3Working Plasmid 4

Once the clay dries in a few days, I’ll go back and paint it.

As you can see, the light is still very red.  This looks more like the Enrage Plasmid than the Summon Eleanor, and I’m fine with that.

Not bad for about 2 hours worth of work, even if I say so myself.