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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Baroness Costuming

The Baroness. This will be fun.

The Baroness wears glasses normally, so no big deal there for Melinda. Just have to come up with the costume. Now, I will admit, I know how to sew. Both my parents taught me. We've been needing a sewing machine for years, and now I have a good excuse to buy one. It has been years since I used one, but how hard could it be? (those words still haunt me)

After months of trial and error, lots of scrapped fabric, and many frayed nerves. I gave up on her costume. Making it that is, and we set out on a quest to buy the pieces and put them together.
Pieces needed :
Black top -- needs to be able to either be painted or have a decal of the Cobra logo attached.
Black corset -- going to be tricky to find the right one
Black Pants -- shouldn't be too hard right?
Black boots -- already owned.
Black wig -- easy
Weapons -- Airsoft and Nerf and a lot of paint

The clothes needed to look shiny. Something to resemble vinyl or armor.

The top came to an Under Armor long sleeve shirt. We were looking at these anyway to wear for comfort under the costumes. This one just gets to come outside the costume. I got the Cobra logo as a vinyl decal, and believe it or not, the sucker actually stuck to the shirt!

The pants we found at a store and they have a leather look too them and a really funky cut. I did take them to my Mom to have the tailored (I was still recovering from my total loss of sewing ability).

The corset Melinda found that through of all places. It is a black leather corset and works perfectly.

The weapons were fun to work out. I originally tried making papercraft weapons, just because it was different and fun, but soon realized that I would be spending way too much time to get them just right. So, we got Airsoft pistols for their realism and then I repainted them to add more personality. I did leave the blaze orange ends. It's technically required by law and I don't want to mess with the Atlanta PD walking around looking like we're armed to the teeth.

This will be going in the thigh holster we have for her. The orange tip is still there, just under tape.

This is the Nerf Long Strike, after a paint job. Melinda will be carrying this in order to snipe any Joes that may happen to be around. There is also an ammo belt that straps around her leg.

Honestly, it took us from about March until August to get everything together, thought out, and assembled. Now, admittedly, I was working on my Destro costume at the same time.

There will be more pictures of the complete costume, likely on facebook, when DC gets here.